Painted Splashbacks

Splashcoat by Efficient IGU Pty Ltd

Efficient IGU Pty Ltd was established in 2008 by Michael Hinton. After many years of supplying quality insulated glass units, Michael expanded the business and started supplying quality painted glass splashbacks.

Efficient IGU use a Vetrocoat glass coating system which combines a unique priming system with specialised colouring technique to permanently bond the coating to the glass surface, giving depth of colour, vibrancy and versatility. Splashcoat is available in Solid and Metallic finishes.

Coloursmirror splashback in kitchen

Efficient IGU can paint your splashback in most brands colours. We require brand, colour and paint code. We can also paint colour samples in your chosen colour so your customer can see what the outcome of their chosen paint colour is on the glass before going ahead and you can build a collection of colours for you showroom. Efficient IGU recommends purchasing a sample for your customer to view and accept before going ahead with the job as glass does alter the colour slightly.

Mirrored Splashbacks

Mirrored splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular. Taken that standard mirror cannot be toughened we have products that can be toughened and look like standard mirror. These products are Silver 20 and Mirastar—both of these products are transparent and require the back to be painted. We recommend them to be painted black as the manufacturing process can leave pinholes in the coating. These are not considered a fault in the glass. Painting the back of the glass black hides these pinholes. Another popular colour for backing is grey, the lighter colour tends to accentuate any pinholes that may be present in the glass.

painted splashbacks in a kitchenClear Glass

Clear glass is most commonly used in windows, doors, Showerscreens and most other places in which you see glass. Clear glass can be used in splashbacks as well, it’s most commonly used with darker colours as it contains iron oxide that gives it a green hue that becomes noticeable when painted a light colour. Clear glass is also commonly used in white splashbacks, it gives a soft green hue to the white.

Low Iron Glass

While clear glass can be used for darker colours that won’t be affected by the green colour in the iron content glass causes, lighter colours can be. Low iron glass is manufactured with about 90% of the iron content removed. Low iron gives a truer colour to the pain than standard clear glass. Efficient IGU have three types of low iron glass available. These being Low Iron, Ultra Clear and Starphire.