We stock a large range of patterned glass with striking geometric and random patterns.  Fascinating interplays of abstract light and shade, softening and spreading images in varying degrees of obscurity.
Patterned glass is manufactured running molten glass between two rollers, which creates the pattern on one side of the glass, producing a glass appropriate for areas that require privacy or for decorative purposes.

Some patterned glass is directional ( Refer sheet size page ) When ordering please send a diagram with height first and the direction of the pattern, if panels are out of square please note on diagram the patterned side.

Not all patterned glass can be toughened due to the variance in the pattern. ( Refer sheet size page). If you require these patterns to comply with the Australian safety standards we can custom laminate for your requirements.

Matelux glass, one side is treated with a high quality acid to produce satiny, translucent, fine grained finish. This process is used to treat entire sheets of glass to guarantee consistency.

Clear Vision Matelux has the same acid etch finish, but on a low iron glass, giving the glass a white, brighter look.
Grey Matelux is grey float glass, one side on which has a high quality, acid etched finish.

2mm Diffused is a non reflective glass used by the picture frame industry. This is a thin clear glass specially treated to diffuse reflection.

Georgian Wired Cast is produced the same as patterned glass. During the manufacturing process a 13mm welded steel wired mesh is added before the molten glass passes through the roller process. This is a B Grade safety glass.

red cupspotswood patterned glass
red-cupcathedral patterned glass
red-cupclear vision matalux patterned glass
red cupbroadline horizontal patterned glass
 red-cupnarrow horizontal patterned glass
red-cupseadrift patterned glass
red-cupsatin lite patterned glass

red-cuproughcast patterned glass
red-cupnarrow reed patterned glass
red-cupkasumi patterned glass
red-cupgrey matalux patterned glass
red-cupflemish patterned glass
red-cupdesert sand patterned glass
red-cupmatalux patterned glass
red-cupgluechip patterned glass
red-cupbroadline patterned glass